We at Bubbles St George Dog Wash took a poll…Guess What? No one likes the smell and feel of a dirty dog. 10/10 Owners and 9/10 Dogs all said that they prefer the clean feel and smell of a perfectly bathed shinny coat! Anyone that attempts to wash and dry their dog at homes, knows the SMELL, HASSLE and MESS you have to clean up afterwards. We help you clean the Dirtiest Dogs of all sizes!


Hose in Circle2
  • Our indoor, CLIMATE CONTROLLED environment makes this method comfortable for you and your dog!
  • Your dog will enjoy the WARM WATER!
  • No more back pain!
  • Wash your dog standing upright!
  • Our RAISED TUBS are big enough to hold the largest of breeds!
  • We offer two different tub heights for your convenience and comfort!
  • Full service dog wash $10


Bottle in Circle
  • VETERINARY GRADE shampoo products.
  • We offer regular, oatmeal and flea & tick shampoos and deodorizers.
  • We also have a disinfectant for you to use before and after your wash to keep the tub CLEAN and SANITARY.
  • These products are plumed through the water supply when you select the corresponding setting.
  • This method FLUSHES THE DIRT AWAY while you wash your dog instead of working it into their coat.


Brush in Circle
  • POWERFUL AIR DRYERS are available to blast the excess water and shedding fur right off your dog.
  • Just like the groomers use, these dryers are NOT HEATED in order to protect your dog .
  • We have VINYL APRONS for you to wear to help keep you dry while your pet gets wet.
  • Sliding doors can open for ventilation or closed for the COMFORT AND PRIVACY of your dog.