Bubble Bath Premier Car Wash and Dog Wash!

The Best St George Car Wash & Dog Wash


The Best Self Serve Car Wash in St. George, UT.  We are not like most other self serve car washes.  During business hours, we have an attendant on hand to help with any questions or issues that may arise during your visit.

Our Self Serve St George Dog Wash is the perfect place to bath and clean your pet. During business hours, we have an attendant on hand to help with any concerns or questions on how to use our St George Dog Wash. Our self serve booths have everything to pamper your pet. Your pet will feel safe and secure throughout the entire process of bathing, drying and we even offer a treat to finish off the process, and don’t worry, you will stay nice and dry with our bath aprons.


Soft Touch
Express Wash

Worried about micro scratches that some automatic car washes can leave behind? No need to fear...or get out of your car. Our Soft Touch Express St George Car Wash is the answer. Get your car spotless without the micro scratches.

Typhoon Wash

In a hurry and still desire that great detailed look? Our Typhoon Touchless St George Car Wash adjusts to any size vehicle. The machine moves forward & backward, spraying & washing your vehicle, including the undercarriage without any brushes.

Self Serve

Our St George Car Wash Self Serve Bays are the good ol' car wash bays that allow you to take your time and do as little, or as much detailing as you want. Our Car Wash bay offers all the chemicals and sprays needed to get a professional clean.

Self Serve
Dog Wash

Are you tired of the mess of trying to bathe your dog at home? Come check out our Self Serve St George Dog Wash. We protect you with a waterproof apron, veterinary recommended soap, a drying station and your Dog's favorite part......the finishing treat!

Sylvia Maughn
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"This business is always well maintained. Very bright lights at night. The dog wash is awesome. They have tear free shampoo, conditioner, pet deodorizer. The water is warm for the dogs. A vacuum to get excess water off before you blow dry and finish up with a peanut butter honey dog treat. Great business for people that love their fur babies!"​
Linda Hoernke
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"This business is so convenient. The wash bay for your car gives you the choice of a self wash, full wash or touchless wash. There are machines for drying towels, glass cleaners and armoral sponges along with car vacuums. There is a cubicle for washing your dog with a wand to switch between rinse, shampoo, conditioner, dryers and vacuums."
Brett Hicken
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"The 24 hr dog wash stations are just about the coolest thing I've seen. Super clean and easy to use. I was on the road with my dog and she had gotten covered in slobber, grass, and mud from the dog park. I was easily able to shampoo, condition, deodorize, and dry her clean in 10 minutes including a rinse between each step. Awesome!!!"
Devan Stringham
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"I love going to Bubble Bath Car Wash to get my truck looking nice & clean again! They are conveniently located only a few blocks from my house so it makes it easier for me to choose Bubble Bath Car Wash. If you happen to live a few miles away it is worth the drive because their bays are always clean with working sprayers!!! 5 Star From This Fellar :)"
Joe Langston
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"This is a first class operation. Most of the times I have been there the owners or one of their employees are cleaning the bays or grounds to make